Sharing WiFi On Linux

28 Oct 2017

This guide covers how to set up a WiFi hotspot on Linux using a single adapter.

The scenario it aims to solve is one where only one device (for instance a laptop) is connected to a WiFi networked that has a whitelist of permitted MAC addresses. The connected device can then be used to create a hotspot that other devices can connect to for internet access.

Setting Up Azure CDN

17 Apr 2017

This guide goes through the process of setting up Azure CDN on a custom domain.

A function is triggered when content is uploaded to Azure storage, and sets the time-to-live of the uploads based on what container they are uploaded to.

Separation of Concerns with Git

7 Aug 2016

At times, we may need to keep certain files off a particlar repo. Usually a .gitignore file would suffice. But what if we want those files to be present in another repo? How do we go about setting that up?

I will present a short method that tackles this problem.

Commit Messages in GNU Nano

19 Jul 2016

When commiting any changes using Git, it is important to include relevant and well constructed commit messages for other developers – as well as your future self – who may be involved in the project.

In this guide, I will discuss how to go about formatting git commit messages.

Git & Heroku

9 Jul 2016

Git and Heroku are vital tools in any web developers repertoire. Git for the simplicity it introduces to version control, and Heroku for the ease with which it allows app deployment.

The following is quick-start guide to get you up and running.